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Pau de la Calle Argelès (Barcelona, 2000) 
I'm a freelance photographer working on long-term projects. I'm interested in human stories, such as social conflicts, migration movements and the growing global climate crisis.

You can reach me at paudelacallefoto@gmail.com, at +34 629 05 25 22 or http://t.me/paudelacalle on Telegram.

*Images on this site are available for print.


- "The Patri's cures", XIV Carles Rahola Award, Winner

- "Love to not forget", Miravisions Award, 1st Prize Winner
- "Train writers", Miravisions Award, 3rd Prize Winner
- "The 7th Mission", Menorca Doc Fest, Selected
- "Love to not forget", ANI-Pix Trakk Award of Visa Pour L’Image, Finalist
- CLIC Grant (Catalan government), Winner
- "The 7th Mission", CLIC Award (Catalan government), Winner
- "The 7th Mission", Wold Report Award | Festival della Fotografia Etica - Finalist

- "Train writers", ANI-Pix Trakk Award of Visa Pour L’Image, Finalist
- "Imprisonment of Pablo Hasel", CLIC Award (Catalan government), Winner
- "Imprisonment of Pablo Hasel", Carnet Jove Grant (Diari Ara), Winner        
- "Love to not forget", El Projector (FotoColectania Foundation & Fujifilm), Winner
- "Art. 47 - Error 404", Intercultural CLIC Award (Catalan government), Winner

- "Love to not forget", Portfolio Review, Full Frame Festival (Canon), Winner
- "Alzheimer in quarantine", CLIC Award (Catalan government), Selected
- "Alzheimer in quarantine", Best Short Documentary Award, Quarantine Film Festival, Nominated
- "Alatac", Photogenic Festival Award, Finalist


- "Love to not forget" and "Train writers", Palau Robert, Barcelona, Spain
- "The 7th Mission", Espai Jove La Fontana, Barcelona, Spain
- "Love to not forget" and "Train writers", Miravisions, Lleida, Spain
- "The 7th Mission", Visa Off, Visa Pour L'Image, Perpignan, France

- "Imprisonment of Pablo Hasel", Visa Off, Visa Pour L'Image, Perpignan, France

- "Love to not forget", PhotoEspaña, Barcelona, Spain
- "Alatac", Photogenic Festival Award, Barcelona, Spain (solo exhibition)

Pau de la Calle

Freelance Photojournalist based in Barcelona
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